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Arriva London Borismaster NB4L

The ‘New Bus for London’ (NB4L), ‘Borismaster’ or Wright Borismaster NB4L is a brand new type of Double Decker built with Londoners in mind as a modern replacement of the iconic AEC Routemaster that once dominated London’s streets.

A competition was made for companies and members of the public to come up with ideas of the new bus as a whole or distinct features that would be good to include. This saw many interesting and unique designs created that always had a slight connection with the Routemaster in looks or features. After closing the competition over 225 entries were made and overall the winners was a design by Aston Martin and a one by Capaco design who also designed the famous Optare Solo. Overall there were actually 2 competitions which was the ‘imagine’ category which were more fantasy ideas and then the ‘design’ category that was practical following TfL’s guidelines and that could be made into mass-production. After looking at the winning designs for both categories it was then decided who should build the new bus and out of the six who entered the bidding process to be given the contract who were Alexander Dennis, EvoBus (which includes Mercedes-Benz buses), Hispano Carrocera, Optare, Scania AB and Wrightbus and the latter won the contract and are faced to be able to build 600 buses within 3 years.

After looking into the designs more heavily Wrightbus came up with a final design which compromised of a modern looking Double-deck bus that had 3 doors, 2 staircases and swooping glass around staircases which has never been a feature of other UK buses to date. The rear door could be used as an open platform at certain times and the back staircase could also be used. Although the configuration also allowed for the rear to be closed of when needed such as at night which would mean passengers would use the center staircase and front and middle doors. By having 3 doors and 2 staircases it will allow quicker and easier boarding. It has a maximum capacity of 87 which is 40 seats upstairs, 22 seats downstairs alongside 1 wheelchair space and 25 standing. It is also has a hybrid driveline meaning its cleaner for the environment.

Currently 5 Borismaster’s are built and were due to enter service today on route 38 operated by Arriva but due to certification of the vehicles being delayed they are due to enter service on the 27th January. Route 38 itself has over 70 vehicles used on it daily so finding the Borismaster’s may be rather tricky. These 2 are going to be tested in service to see if the design is up to scratch before building 6 more and hopefully more will be planned to be built in the future.

So below is Wright Borismaster NB4L LT1 LT61 AHT.




  1. Now this is awsome, but the name, is really… you know. Silly “Borismaster” XD

  2. This is ment to be a Routemaster too but it more or less looks like a weird Wright Gemini with an open door space.

  3. very strange indeed connor

  4. nice

  5. The Borismaster sure has a lot to live up to, the original Routemaster is a hard act to follow with fifty years + under its belt, it was so perfect in so many ways, but it didn’t have whelchair access, and this was its ‘main’ downfall + its thirsty engine & its creaking 50 year old frame! At first the New Bus looks too long, but then again maybe it needs to be that long? but does it really need two staircases? and although I think they did a lovely job of the rear platform I’m not sure about the front aspect, and what about the missing upstairs window at the rear!!! now that is annoyinh. Anyhow, goodluck to the Borismaster, I can’t wait for a jaunt on her . . . . . .

    Love the Borismaster paper cut-out, off to the printer now :-))

  6. To Mark,

    I totally agree with you that it needs to live up with it’s predecessor. It has two staircases due it only using the rear open platofrm at peak times so the rear door and staircase will be closed off so passengers will board and exit through the front and centre doors and use the centre staircase like the other standard London deckers.

    Thanks for that, it did take me a very long time to make!

    Thanks again

  7. One day, londoners will protest against the Borismaster. OLD ROUTEMASTER FOR THE WIN!!!

  8. Conductors on the new routemaster won’t check tickets, but passengers can get on and off through the back door. A recipe for fare dodging.

  9. Could I have the nets pack please,


  10. To L,

    Yes you can have the nets.


  11. To Panasonic Laptop Drive,

    I am not aware of this but like you say doesn’t sound like a good idea!


  12. This is not the first ever NB4L paperbus, I did a net for it in 2010 from the artists impressions before they started building. You can find it here


  13. To Arthur,

    Sorry about that, i did have a search for one and I didn’t find anything. I will edit the post accordingly.


  14. What can i say about this bus… Having driven for Arriva for 15 years I can honestly say that I would be Embarresed to be seen driving this. Its horrible. Wright have had alot of good buses but this breaks the great streak. I do not believe that this will ever live up to the routemaster as… I mean look at it… Need i say more? And BORISMASTER??? WTF were they thinking?

  15. To Joe,

    I do agree that it looks rather odd but the same opinions were brought out for other models such as the Solo SR and Versa when they were unveiled and now they look very modern and cutting edge. I only think the fronts a bit odd, the light clusters dont seem quite right but looks amazing from any other angle. I think the reason everyone thinks its odd as it’s so different from any thing else manufactured currently. When more vehicles get designed like this in the future I would imagine you may have a different opinion on NB4L. As for the Borismaster name, blame Boris Johnson for that!


  16. Could I have the new nets pack please thanks

  17. To L,

    Yes, I will send it now.


  18. can i have a plain net Mercedes MCV evo please

  19. To LondonLynx,

    I will send this to you now.


  20. Waiting for somebody who has actually driven the Boris bus to comment . . .

  21. Hey can I use the net to re-livery please? All credit will be given to you for the net, and i’ll put a link to you on my flickr. 🙂

  22. Apparentley these buses can’t be shipped abroad or within 5 miles of the London district.

  23. 😦

  24. To Marcus,

    Thats because they are a special order and TfL specify they have to have their use out of them. You can buy them anywhere in the country but no-one bothers as they are so expensive. Plus they are suited to TfL guidelines.


  25. Hi there, please could I have a blank optare solo and versa. thanks Jacob

  26. Please could I have a blank Optare Solo EV, Optare Solo and Versa. thanks Jacob

  27. To Jacob,

    I no longer supply blank nets, sorry.


  28. Would it be ok for me to use this net in a different livery and wiht a different reg in my oiwn comapny?

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