Posted by: SB Websites | February 16, 2012

Arriva Durham County X1 The Best One

After Go North East introduced the OK Expressway to compete against Arriva’s 1/1B services from Crook to Darlington Arriva competed directly against the OK1 with the name X1 The Best One. The X1 runs 3 minutes earlier than the OK1 on every single journey throughout the day. The X1 uses 4 2009 VDL SB200 / Wright Pulsar 2’s in the old livery branded in a rather boring livery compared to the OK1 in its elaborate colour scheme of a bygone era. Below is 1406 in the livery.




  1. do you have any blank nets of a wright Gemini if so please can you send me one

  2. To James,

    These will be sent to you now.


  3. thanks

  4. What program do you use to do the liverys

  5. I need 1 more net if you have it. Here it is, send pwease:

  6. Can I have a blank Plaxton Elite please?

  7. and a Scania Citywide 18m

  8. do you have any blank nets of a Plaxton Pointer 2, scania omicity and a Alexander alx 200 if so please can you send me them

  9. hi to all the people that want blank nets by peter fray if you go to

    you can join and run a fantasy bus company and they have lots of blank nets also peter fray has lots of buses you change the reg and use the new

    hope that will help guys

  10. To James,

    I use the Microsoft Paint installed on all Windows computers.


  11. Do you have this

  12. Unfortunately not, we don’t Connor.


  13. Can you make it pwease?

  14. And, do you know Peter Fray’s email adress? Can you see if he has a Wright Fusion like that?

  15. We only make nets if its required for a new blog post Connor. To find Peter Fray’s paper buses you will have to join the Yahoo Group he is part of.


  16. Matthew, it’s okay now. Peter Fray is my friend on ROBLOX’s uncle.

  17. no way connor!

  18. Anyway, I was in Darlington on 22/02/2012 and I saw this bus.

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