Posted by: SB Websites | February 15, 2012

Arriva Medway Towns Wright XBUS116

The Wright Streetlite is a relatively new model which is aimed at the mini and midi bus market. There are 2 variations; the wheel forward version which competes with the Solo with Minibus lengths and the door forward which competes in the midibus market. Arriva are the first large group to purchase Door Forward Streetlites and they have been bought for Medway for University Service 116. It is branded the name XBUS116 operating every 20 mins with 5 Streetlites which have wi-fi. Each Streetlite costed approximately £120,000. Below is 1652 in the XBUS116 livery.



  1. Wow, this is awsome. Looks like the real thing.

  2. May I have a Scania Irizar please?

  3. Wow this is what I’ve been wanting to see! you shold be a livery designer! That should be your Job designing liveries haha

  4. To Daniel,

    I will send you this net later today.


  5. To mbpunofficial,

    Thanks, I always try and give a varieety of nets to the BLOG. This is a real livery by the way not my own make.


  6. where is my irizar?

  7. To Daniel,

    Apologies for the delay, its being sent to you now.


  8. Can I have a blank Plaxton Elite please?

  9. if possible could you send me a blank net of this bus please?

  10. To George,

    This can be done now.


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