Posted by: SB Websites | February 14, 2012

Scarlet Band Brandon Buzzer

Scarlet Band buses; a small independent in County Durham, operated a few small contract and tendered services for Darlington and Durham Council’s and have not grown much until now. They have started several services to compete with other companies. Service 113 from Willington – Bishop Auckland – Spennymoor and the X49 competing directly with Arriva’s services 49/49A from Brandon – Durham. Scarlet Band approached competition with a service every 30 minutes leaving a tight turnaround time with 1 vehicle being used which often results with the service being late. YG55 YGM was branded for the service with Bertie the bee as ‘mascot’ for the service and advertising its low fares that are lower than Arriva’s. Below is YG55 YGM.



  1. hi! I have made a new website called Connor and Dan’s Paperbuses, link: Can you put it on Other Websites please? Thank you! Delete this comment after done.

  2. Daniel,

    Unfortunately we only provide links to our other websites, sorry about that.


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