Posted by: SB Websites | February 13, 2012

First York Wright StreetCar

The Wright StreetCar was unveiled back in 2005 as low-cost alternative to a Tramway system for cities. The only UK operator to buy such vehicles were the First Group and they see use in York, Leeds, Swansea and Luton Airport. They are all branded under the ‘ftr’ brand which is future in text message speak, although some in York carry all over advertisements. ‘ftr’ services all operate every 10 minutes with designated stops to further show the high standard service operated by the StreetCars. They were also trialled with Go North East on services 21 and X66 but nothing came of this due to their low seating capacity. Elsewhere, StreeCars also operate across the world such as in Las Vegas with the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. Below 19006 OO06 FTR.



  1. cool! maybe you could do one in Stagecoach colours!

  2. or hyperlink!

  3. or even deerness!

  4. or maybe even arriva!

  5. To Jimmi,

    If reffered to the date this was published, they were still operating prime service in York.


  6. To Jimmi,

    My fictional operator Durham District Services would not purhcase Wright Streetcars, they are unsuitable for the roads, they are unreliable, they are impractical due to their low seating capacity and a conductor is always required. Plus they are very expensive, for realism it would look ridiculous if my company owned some.


  7. OK

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