Posted by: SB Websites | February 12, 2012

Stagecoach South Shields Enviro 200

Stagecoach in South Shields are currently having brand new Enviro 200 Darts arriving to replace ALX200 Darts and cascade Transbus Pointers to Sunderland and Hartlepool. The new design includes many new features including a new design rear end with moulding line around the rear reg plate and a EU DDA compliant emergency exit. Below is 36463 NK61 ECC on the 18.



  1. Nice net, do you have any blank nets e.g Omnidekka

  2. To N,

    I have a wide range of blank nets and I will email this to you now.


  3. To Keiron,
    Thank You, i’ll await your email!


  4. Kieron could you send me the whole range of blank nets please.



  5. To L,

    This will be sent to you now.


  6. Thanks

  7. I saw a new E200 on 43A

  8. Probably a trivial use for your very acurate scale models, but these have been great keeping our kids ocuppied over half term we now have fleet uf buses on our kitchen table, they look great. Thanks.

  9. Thanks a lot, I’m glad you enjoy them!


  10. Can you make 36442 JAZZ3 OUT OF THIS

  11. Jim,
    In response to your requests, they are currently not being taken by anyone. When they are, this will be visible at the top of the page which currently states that requests are not being taken.


  12. ok

  13. i will re-submit it when they are being taken again

  14. To Jim,

    Thanks, thats what you need too do all of the time.


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