Posted by: SB Websites | February 12, 2012

Stagecoach Sheffield Enviro 400H

Stagecoach are investing Millions of pounds across the UK with help from the Green Bus Fund to purchase Hybrid Enviro 400’s for frequent high standard routes. They were first introduced in Oxford with their Green Bus plan and wear a green variant of the Stagecoach livery; the interior is also finished in Green. subsequent orders followed for Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield. On the side of the Oxford ones there is lettering and graphics depicting the local area whereas for Manchester and Newcastle they are in a standard UK style. Although to a surprise the Sheffield ones also wear a local identity brand depicting the name “for a cleaner greener Sheffield” whereas the UK style states “for a cleaner greener city”. 12064 with Stagecoach Newcastle can be seen here and 12089 with Stagecoach Sheffield can be seen below.



  1. Awsome, thanks.
    Oh and, there is another advert to, if you have time can you add the other advert to this, not on this bus, add another with the other advert please.

  2. To Connor,

    This will have to be done when requests will be accepted again.


  3. Okay, thanks Keiron.

  4. Oh, and Keiron, It’s sorta wrong

    Front = Halfway Tram Stop
    side = Halfway Tram Stop/ Halfway Tra

    Do this on the other bus too please.

  5. Leave it on this, change on other.

  6. I really love this. Thank you lots.

  7. You’re welcome Connor,

    Keiron will change this for you soon.


  8. I’m going on this tomorrow! 😀

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