Posted by: SB Websites | February 12, 2012

Arriva Derby Optare Versa

Arriva standardise with VDL / Wright combinations across the country although in some places other vehicles are bought. For example in Derby they majorly have Optare and Scania products which in fleet livery can look very appealing.  A new batch of Versa’s were purchased for services 40 and 41. Below is 2948 YJ61 CFF.



  1. whats happened to the stobart coach

  2. To Iwan,

    I am unable to get such logos for it unfortunately, sorry for the inconvenience.


  3. can you do the wright streetlites bicester village that i asked you to do.

  4. To Iwan,

    Ask me to do this net again when requests are being accepted.


  5. You have made a Problem! But it is Fine! This AMAZING! I Asked for the Destiantions

    Front “Sorry I’m Not in Service”

    Side “Not in Service

    Back “X”

    Its Fine,
    Thanks Very much,

  6. To busfan2001,

    I can change it when I have time.


  7. Ok Its Fine, I Love it! I Think its the Best Livery So Far!

  8. I’ll wait!

  9. ok thanks

  10. When will the Destiantion be Changed to “Not in Service”?

  11. To Jack,

    It has now been done.


  12. Wow, Looks EPIC!

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