Posted by: SB Websites | February 3, 2012

GNE Citylink Bendy’s

Transferred from London are 18 Mercedes Benz Ciatro Bendi’s for services X66 and 58. The 4 for the X66 compromised of 4 refurbished 57 reg Citaro’s where the 58 consists of 6 57 reg unfurnished Citaro’s and 8 54 reg refurbished Citaro’s. They all were out shopped in Gold paint and wear vinyls as if it’s wrapped into the livery giving a real appealing look. 5340 and 5356 are both shown below in the new Citylink livery.



  1. Cool! Seriously, this bus is good. I think the top bus was from London Central? And was the bottom the same?

  2. Oh, btw, when the E400H I requested is done, can I use that on my web? And, may I have copywrite (or whatever it is) to use these? It’s okay if not but I would like the E400H I requested to be there, Thanks.

  3. To Connor,

    Yes all 18 Citaro’s were purchased from London Central. Allegedly to get them off their hands they were priced at only £5000, but I would assume the rest of the price will be paid at a later date.


  4. Oh, thought they were. I wondered why on the news it showed a GNE 58 bus still in London Central Livery.

  5. To Connor,

    There have been 2 trials of Citaro Bendi’s on the 58 and they were in Central Livery and went back down to London. When they arrived they were also in Central livery and were used for Driver Familiarisation but never entered service until they were in the new livery.


  6. Oh and, sorry to bother. But when will the Stagecoach Sheffield Enviro 400 Hybrid be done?

  7. To Connor,

    Sometime in the next week. With regards to your earlier comment I would allow you post just a link of the net to this BLOG but not put the net on.


  8. Ok.

  9. To Kieron,
    You are way too smart for me, I don’t even know the price of a new route-master! You also know where the depot is, no clue from me!


  10. also, can I have a scania omnicity double deck with the circular headlights like a single deck along-side with an Enviro 400 complete with full destination rear and Enviro 400 on the rear grille?

  11. Hi. Great net as usual. When’s the next DDS/DMC update?

  12. To Daniel,

    These will be sent later today.


  13. To Tom,

    Thanks, it completely depends whether any changes have been made to it. A few vehicle acquisitions have been made so I would expect an update within the next few weeks.


  14. oh! and can you make it hybrid

  15. the enviro and omnicity

  16. not the kind of enviro, sorry! that kind is useless for this project. Could be
    useful but not anytime soon!

  17. To Daniel,

    Ok, what chassis so you want your E400 then?


  18. you know the hybrids displaying Enviro 400 on the rear grille, that is the one, and rear destination from one side to another.

  19. To Daniel,

    I was not aware that an E400H had these options. If you are able to supply me with an image of the rear in the format like you say that is fine as the E400H’s im aware of in the North East do not have these features on the rear. This will also help with my understanding of chassis options.


  20. To Daniel,

    It doesn’t matter anymore, I have found an image with what you mean. You should recieve an email with this blank net soon.


  21. thanks

  22. Is there a possibility you could send me the blank net for the mcv(This one if unsure and the blank net for the 0350G Citaro as you have already sent me a zip of nets and these are the 2 i’m looking for as i cant seem to find the pwf paper buses yahoo group.


  23. Can you send me these nets:

    ELC Mylennium
    Stagecoach overtake
    Thats the back
    East Lancs Lolyne: (back) (front)

  24. hi matthew this is the website
    alo you you can get lots of blank ntes from


  25. to

  26. Send me the ELC Lolyne with this front:
    Ex Dennises Dennis!

  27. oh, btw, my request is coming through first, oh, btw, Ron and tons blog said to me that when there is 8 requests, they will start

  28. Hello Everyone,
    Your blank nets will be sent later today or sometime tommorow.

    @Daniel Picken: We are currently not accepting requests, but as these are newsworthy sp they will be made anyway when the vinyls are applied.

    @Daniel: We don’t really have an exact limit for when we will accept requests again, it just seems pointless accepting more when it means people may have to wait a few months for them to be produced.


  29. To Matthew,

    This net is on it’s way.


  30. To Robloxrocks,

    These nets are being sent.


  31. To Keiron, Robloxrocks was me, me and jack made a website together.
    Send to

    Thanks, Connor

  32. Can you send me these nets:

    ELC Mylennium
    Stagecoach overtake
    Thats the back
    East Lancs Lolyne: (back) (front) to

    Send me the ELC Lolyne with this front:
    Ex Dennises Dennis!

  33. Matthew, you said something reasonable like 8 or something

  34. Yes that is true, but I was more meaning an estimate. It also depends on how much time will be avaliable, as we don’t see the point in taking more requests when they wont be produced for many months.


  35. so, can you start another company up please?

  36. and I visited your DMS website, what did you use to make the dart?

  37. To Daniel,

    The Dennis Dart was made from an official Stagecoach Allocation sheet which, with permission, I painted into the DMS livery.

    There is no need for me to currently start up another fictional company.


  38. where is the link to this sheet?

  39. allocation sheet

  40. Please note though you should ask for permission before using any part of it.


  41. how do I change it from .XLS to PNG or JPG?

  42. When you click save as you need to change the file format.


  43. and what file is it?

  44. can you gold back doors plase

  45. To David,

    What do you mean?


  46. can you put on the 3th door a gold doors

  47. To David,

    When the Mercs were first displaced onto the CityLink and painted into livery this was the condition they were in but the latest bendi’s seem to have that door painted. The net is correct at the time of publication.


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