Posted by: SB Websites | January 23, 2012

GNE OK Motor Services Brands

Making a comeback into Bishop Auckland local services is Go North East revitalising the OK Motor Services brand on the centenary of the company. Rivaling with Arriva they operate OK Way service 18 serving Woodhouse Close via Bishop Auckland Town Centre to Coundon using 2 Transbus MPD’s every 30 minutes and the OK1 OK Expressway service linking Crook, Bishop Auckland and Darlington every 30 mins with 4 Scania L94UB / Wright Solar’s. One more Solar is used for reserve and painted in a livery marking the 100 year anniversary of OK Motor Services and to be used on the Pronto X20/X21/X46 services or the 18 or OK1.  Arriva are also starting a new service to rival with OK1 express in the shape of the X1. It will be interesting to see how this direct competition changes in the future. Below is 571, 5229 and 5230 in their appropriate liveries.



  1. Epic.

  2. To Connor,



  3. I like how the numbers are in colours. And the livery is great.

  4. To Connor,

    Yes, I also like it, most of Go North East’s branded vehicles are like that. The colour corresponds to the Livery colour as shown on 5229 with the Blue X21 number for the Blue Pronto Painted Presidents.


  5. you lot, want to make a website with me? Ron and ton, you take requests. Connor, can you email Peter Fray saying nets? While I make all descriptions. Connor, are you ConnorClever on Roblox?

  6. Daniel,

    We are happy with our own websites, though of course you could create your own.


  7. but I just cant have a 2 person website! you cant aswell. needs to be 3 to 5!

  8. so please!

  9. Daniel,

    We operate all of our SB Websites through just two of us. If you allow the time and commitment to the site, you can still make a good website.


  10. but, your good and too good for me! PS. I am learning about Romans at school so please can you make up a new company called Thornthames Buses and can you brand the 1st route as Roman Express X10?

  11. @Daniel, Yes I am. 😀 I make paper buses on it from here and make my own :3

  12. @Daniel, you Hesukahead on ROBLOX?
    I’m making a paper bus website. It’s gonna be called UK Paper buses. I might add the 100 Metrocentre SHUTTLE I made, it’s the old version but it’ll do.

  13. yup! that’s the one! you must be ConnorClever!

  14. btw, on places(when on laptop) Call me Daniel Walker, if you wish! 😀

  15. so Connor. have you made lights on X66?

  16. so when you making this website? ;D

  17. I dunno when Ima making web.I’ll start now and PM you user name and password. 😀

  18. can you make an MAN Ecocity plain white no decoratons pls ron and ton?

  19. To Daniel,

    If its a blank net your after I have one in my collection courtesy of Peter Fray.


  20. well I have no permission until further notice! so, could you at least put up one decoration!?

  21. To Daniel,

    I’m not sure what you mean but I can email it you now.


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