Posted by: SB Websites | January 15, 2012

Connect New Solos

Connect Transport’s new Optare Solo’s have arrived for the Nexus Contracts and are painted in the Nexus BUSES Contract Livery. Below are YJ61 JHV and YJ61 JHX.



  1. cool! highly designed, has Nexus bus logo and even the connect logo! good job!

  2. To Daniel,

    Thanks alot.


  3. oh, when will the request list be clear? I really want to see my request which can be viewed by clicking on the link:

  4. To Daniel,

    It will be when the nets go down to a reasonable amount such as 7-8.


  5. ok. Doesn’t the bus look neat and smart

  6. To Daniel,

    Yes, the livery does look very nice and the Solo’s wear it nicely.


  7. how about the enviro

  8. To Daniel,

    No Enviro products wear this livery, although I do like the look of the generally.


  9. no! the one I requested!

  10. To Daniel,

    It currently has not been started becasue other nets are taking priority as they will be published ot the website.


  11. Okay. but I think it is smart. :D! I have even seen it!

  12. can you quickly have a look into this request now please? 😛

  13. Daniel,

    It cannot be looked at now as there are many others who have requested for nets before you so we are doing them in order in the intrest of fairness.


  14. as in the images!

  15. oh btw, bit late to say this but I JUST ADORE YOUR RED KYTE OMNICITY!

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