Posted by: SB Websites | January 8, 2012

Stagecoach X34 ALX300

With South Shields receiving brand new Enviro 200’s and arrived Enviro 300’s the South Shields fleet gained a few MAN ALX300’s for the X20 and X34 services. 4 were painted blue  and now wear this livery for the X34. Here is 22050 below.



  1. Cool!

  2. new asda freebus service by gne

  3. Daniel, I clicked your name and you did NOT invent facebook and this is about paperbuses, not services. so, no offence but I would like to see more comments about paperbuses because the more comments, the more visits. thanks!

  4. To Daniel,

    Having a link on your profile does not mean you own it? He has clearly listed it as its his Facebook profile. Also you are NOT in a position to moderate this BLOG. That is the job of me and Matthew who are the BLOG Administrator’s. You dont even have a WordPress account! So please stop acting as if you are a Moderator on the BLOG.

    Keiron Bains
    Ron and Tons BLOG Administrator

  5. sorry

  6. when are these buses coming through?

  7. and don’t be so harsh or I quit viewing this blog

  8. Daniel,

    You are merely being told not to act as a moderator, that is the job of us. We are not “badmouthing” you, if this is how you feel perhaps you should not respond to people like Daniel Picken in such a way.


  9. To Daniel,

    The new ASDA services are being operated by Phoenix Taxis, not Go North East.


  10. so this is the last draw.

  11. Daniel,

    You are being told to not moderate the blog, that is all.


  12. oh and I asked you a few times, when are these buses coming through!

  13. btw, Next stop: where this bus terminates just so you remember where to send

  14. To Daniel,

    Im not sure, as I have other nets to do with the reuqests and nets in the news from the North East it will be at least a month until im able to create them for you.


  15. ok.

  16. so, this is a joke based on a city. What do you call a blacksmith mixed with a hammer?

  17. you got a bit of roof colour wrong

  18. To Daniel,

    Where is this mistake on the net as I can’t see one.


  19. the very rear rectangle is ment to be orange and the front ’cause I saw an image of the roof.

  20. To Daniel,

    After looking more into the livery, like all other Stagecoach brands in the NE they have a Stagecoach corporate-coloured roof. This will be changed when I can.


  21. You made a mistake on the roof cos’ it doesn’t match?

  22. To Unknown,

    The roof is actaully in Stagecoach corporate colours as looking at images it is shown to be like this.


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