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Boris Johnson’s plan to rid London of Bendy buses has meant they have been cascaded across the country to other companies in the group. Go North East purchased 18 Mercedes Citaro’s for the X66 and the Citylink 58. This was to ease congestion on the 58 and to renew the Solar Fusions on the X66 or CentreLink as it was called then. They were painted Gold and branded simply “X66” with a large Union Jack flag and promotional slogans. 5341 BL57 OXP is shown below.



  1. can you gne 58 Bendy bus plase put on net’s in the news plase

  2. To Sam,

    The new Citylink livery has not been added yet as it hasn’t been applied to any vehicles yet.


  3. could you please do a plaxton president northern 27 please

  4. Bazza90,
    We have already done a “Northern” President on the 21 as seen here.

  5. Hi,
    What font size do you use for the numbers in Tahoma for the displays and once the request list is clear, can you do a Southern England bus in this livery and with bodywork? links:
    New Hybrid Bus in West Street, Reading
    Many thanks, Daniel

  6. can you do 5345

  7. to D buses,
    If you would have looked at the update on requests, you would see it saying we are not taking requests. that is why I said when the list is clear. and I would like an answer before anybody comments.

  8. Hi,
    To make it fair for everyone, as Daniel said requests are currently not being taken but the Citaro will be added to “nets in the news” as it is a newsworthy North East vehicle. For everyone wishing for other nets, could you all please ask again in the future to give everyone an equal chance of requesting a net that they want.

    Daniel, the other member of the blog (Keiron) will answer your question later today as he creates the majority of nets on this blog and I am unsure of the answer.


  9. To Daniel,

    The numbers are made myself by using the pencil tool.


  10. Ok. Thanks Kieron. Good luck with the requests!

  11. To Daniel,



  12. oh and I forgot, a rare made up bus is available on

  13. To Daniel,

    Thanks, but we don’t need you to say this for us and actually we dont have a limit to when they are accepted again or a limit of any net requests. So please, we are the Admins of the website and we decide such things. You will confuse other users with incorrect information so your post has been deleted.


  14. who was that who said thanks to me? Kieron or the other member?

  15. lets just say a lower number than 17.

  16. everybody, I shall make a net once every year.

  17. and btw, good sne olympus!

  18. To Daniel,

    You are fine to comment on posts and other subjects but it is not your job to state the working of the Blog unless its a suggestion. But thanks anyway as the requests do get very high at some points where it can take almost 3 months for someones net to be processed.


  19. nvm it was kieron

  20. To Daniel,



  21. don’t mind if I make a division?

  22. and your buses, all of them are very VERY good!

  23. To Daniel,

    What do you mean?


  24. To Daniel,

    Thanks alot, i do put alot of time into the creation of nets for the website.


  25. like a division of Ron and ton’s blog for an example, Goldline buses is a division of Reading buses.

  26. like a company off a company.

  27. To Daniel,

    Ohh I see. You are free to make another website with nets as long as you follow the Rules of Copyright for the BLOG. Also, please dont make the website look similar to this one as we are an independent website part of other websites we manage, not part of other peoples websites.


  28. ok. btw, out of curiocity, when are you making a custom livery?

  29. To Daniel,

    We don’t make any ‘What-if’s’ of fictional nets on this website any longer as we can focus on newsworthy nets in the North East or real life vehicles in the UK.


  30. ah, ok. Reading buses might make a route if I ask them branded as golden heights about a service that runs in evening in caversham heights. will you make them if you see a few piccys?

  31. To Daniel,

    If its not on vehicles running on the road then unfourtantely I can’t publish it on the website. Although I can make you the net and email it you although it will still be a while till its created.


  32. please, email to for my dad.

  33. bus-enviro 400, scania omnicity double deck.

  34. To Daniel,

    Thanks for that.


  35. best luck!
    From daniel.

  36. oh and btw, I ❤ RON AND TON PAPERBUSES!

  37. so, catch up with you all tomorrow.

  38. not really
    so yeah, Omnicity double deck, Enviro 400.

  39. Cool bendy bus. Btw, I changed the link to my ROBLOX profile.

  40. And, I requested a Stagecoach Wright commander 120 Halfway Tram stop, why isn’t it on request list?

  41. To Connor,

    You requested it after requests weren’t being taken. When requests are being accepted again you may send your request again.


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