Posted by: SB Websites | December 23, 2011

GNE Angel 24

In Late October further service changes saw Coaster services 1 and 2 terminate at Gateshead and combine them to Service 1 running Whitley Bay – Gateshead every 15 minutes. This meant the section inbetween Kibblesworth and Gateshead was replaced by Nexus Contracted Service 29. The Gateshead to Wrekenton section of the 2 was then replaced by a new service 24. The 24 operates every 10 minutes from Newcastle to Wrekenton via Gateshead Interchange using ex Angel Vykings and under the Angel brand even though it doesn’t run near the Angel of the North. The Vykings had their side vinyls describing the places it served removed. Below is the revised branding shown on the 24.



  1. can i request a TM Travel Vyking, has same back as the Lolyne version of this.

  2. To Connor,

    Due to the current high volume of requests, we are currently not taking any further ones. When the list reduces we will once again be taking requests.


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