Posted by: SB Websites | December 21, 2011

21/12/11 DDS News Update

Further service changes have taken place resulting in the 42, 62 and 66 being withdrawn so service 48 is now a standalone route with 2 vehicles. Service 54 has been extended to the Arnison Centre and is now every 10 minutes due to popular demand and does not serve Whitesmocks to improve reliability. Service 53 has therefore changed route to serve Merry Oaks Estate – Durham – Whitesmocks so the Elvet section has been withdrawn. The 53 is now every 30 mins with a PVR of 2. New Heritage service 30 is now running Hourly between Durham, Sacriston, Chester-le-Street and Beamish Museum using one vehicle from the Heritage fleet. This consists of Routemaster HAS 462, MAN SL200 MSL 200Y and Optare Delta P130 RWR. MAN A66 Enviro 200’s NK61 HGE/F and MAN A69 Enviro 300 NK61 HGG have now arrived and are in the new livery. With the new service changes and new vehicles Optare Solo’s YJ05 XNS, MX58 AAV/Y, KX53 SBZ, SF54 DFK, MX54 KYH and T294 BNN and Dennis Darts T422 KAG (T272 DMS), V520 JBH, W554 JJV and W107 RNC have all been withdrawn and have been sold. Below are the New Enviro’s in the new style livery.



  1. hi can i get all the darts for sale for my company ij travel
    thanks iwan

  2. to iwan if you get them i can buy them amd i will give you D656 BCK

  3. Love the new livery and the new buses

  4. To David,



  5. keiron its david not iwan and merry christmas

  6. Merry Christmas to you too David! Ive ammended Keirons post.


  7. merry chirstams and happy new year to sb websites

  8. To Sam,

    Thanks and the same to you.


  9. cam you do NexusBus Solos sr plase

  10. To Sam,

    A Go North East Nexus Solo SR has already been created and also no requests are currently being taken.



  12. ;-D

  13. Merry Christmas Jim!

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