Posted by: SB Websites | December 18, 2011

GNE Pronto

Service changes in Late October saw the The Angel operate every 10 mins between Durham and Newcastle and new Pronto express services X20 and X21 operate every 30 minutes combined between Bishop Auckland and Durham and then Hourly to Sunderland with the X20 and Newcastle with the X21. They both operate from Weardale Motor Services’ Crook depot and this acts as an outstation for the services. There is a PVR of 6 across the 2 routes and they are opreated by ex London Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents. Below is the Pronto livery  on 6035 V335 LGC.




  1. Fantastic!

  2. can you do gne angle 24 bus plase

  3. can you x20 GNE Pronto plase saying sunderland via durham plase

    form sam

  4. d buses have 2 e 400 and 455 form a ss&s and sunderland and go 2 new x21 ‘s form red arros buy for 60 ,000 or more on buses next update in 3 week and 1 puple and red bus dor d buses form sam

  5. Sam,
    The Angel 24 is already on the coming soon list, though the X20 with Sunderland on the display will not be done as the time can be spent more effectively on other nets. And sorry, but Im not sure what your third comment means?


  6. can you do stagecoach 18040 MX53FME

  7. wheres my bus?

  8. i want it by christmas

  9. Jim,
    As said before requests are not being accepted by anyone until the current list is finished. Unfortunately this means it will not be completed by Christmas, you can re-submit it when the requests list has opened.


  10. ok februrary then

  11. How long will it at least take?

  12. To Jim,

    Could be next year by the time all of the nets have been made.


  13. ok not that long then (a while)

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