Posted by: SB Websites | December 12, 2011

GNE Showstopper

The Showstoppper brand was introduced for the improvements to service 9 linking Sunderland with Jarrow every 15 minutes. Operated by 6 Dennis Trident/ East Lancs Lolyne’s. They are in a pink livery because of the temporary double-decker operation on the Angel service and did not need to be in a different colour. They advertise shows for the Sunderland Empire which is why the destinations are across the windows so advert boards can be fitted. Although the 9 was extended back through to North Shields so now uses Wright Solar’s branded the NINE. This then meant that the 99 became Showstopper and after the Black Cats barnd was removed the 26 also joined the Showstopper brand. Below is 3860 W860 PNL blinded for the 9 and then the 99.



  1. Hi Kieron

    Is there any chance you could do the GNE Poppy Bus please? If you need images, there are some on my flickr.


  2. To Tony,

    Yes that’s fine, this will be added to the liveries list ASAP.


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