Posted by: SB Websites | December 1, 2011

GNE Red Arrows

A delivery of 7 new Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s arrived mid-2011 to ease congestion on Red Arrows route X1. They have next stop information built-in, they also have a smooth ride, and the difference between a Volvo Gemini 2 and VDL example is a big one, the Volvo make is a better buy. These now work alongside 8 Mercedes Citaro’s, some 2007 and some 2008. 4 Citaro’s were also cascaded to Deptford depot for new Red Arrows service X3 linking Sunderland and Newcastle every 30 minutes and these wear a slightly different livery with different lettering on the side. Below is Citaro’s 5275 NK07 KPG, 5283 NK07 KPU and Gemini 6004 NK11 BHE.



  1. can yiu do york park and riidev plase 2 park and ride plase

  2. Hi Kieron,
    I was wondering what liveries you were planning to do for lothian buses as this is my local operator.
    Thanks, Alex.

  3. To Sam,

    This will be added to the request list.


  4. can you do this dart

  5. To David,

    Your request has been added to the list.


  6. Can you please make 3943 in the red arrows livery.

  7. Hi Robert,
    Requests are currently not being accepted until the current list is completed.


  8. ok. no problem. can you add it when requests are been taken?

  9. Hi Robert,

    It doesn’t quite work like that, to make it fair you need to submit your comment when they are being accepted.


  10. ok. no problem.

  11. I think this livery looks more attractive on the Gemini than the Citaro, the only thing I like about Citaros are the pinging noise when you press the bell to stop. The Gemini 2’s are lush inside and I’ve heard they are gonna be introduced on the 10, there’s an excuse for me to go to the Metro!


  12. To Marucs,

    Go North East standardise with the most high quality vehicles out on the market. Mercedes Citaro’s are extremtly well built but no more orders have been made as they changed the interior design to a mroe standard design. As for the Gemini 2, Volvo and Wright are always the best combinations for vehicles as unlike many others; they are built to last. You can tell they are well-built as even when stopping and pulling away they are very smooth.

    Yes a number of Gemini’s have already arrived in the North East for the 10 with the Citaro’s moving onto the Crusader.


  13. I think the Lime needs an update, maybe some Citaros or Solars, the R reg renowns are aging quite a bit now, even the bells are starting to sound out of date

  14. To Marcus,

    Like I say the fabfiftysix is apparently getting new Gemini’s as well so the Solars will probably move onto the Lime.


  15. I read in the public transport act that each route much recieve new vehicles at a maximum of 10 years. GNE have had renowns since the on the 78 since it was the 778, I think the 8 used to use prestiges. I remember 4855 from when I was a kid, about 11 years ago! The same renowns; 4850, 4851, 4852, 4853, 4854, 4855, 4896, 4897, 4898, 4899, 4900, 4901 and 4902 have been used on the 78 since brand new in 1998! The only difference is these all used to be at Stanley. I remember 4855 used to be my regular, it had the same driver every day. I think now it works week A early shift, week B late shift. After all this time though, I can’t imagine any other bus on the lime, I’ve had 4894, 4862 and 4928 before but I just can’t see a Solar saying Lime. Can you Keiron?

  16. The current ‘8’ is the 778/775 until Chester-le-street then they followed the 78 route to Sunderland, the current 78 between Stanley and Chester-le-street is the same route as the 729 used to go.

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