Posted by: SB Websites | December 1, 2011

First Glasgow Pointer

This is a First Glasgow Dennis Dart wearing the full corporate livery. It is 40798 R303 GHS.



  1. Thanks

  2. Lol, finally, a first bus

  3. To David,

    Your welcome.


  4. To Connor,

    There has not been any First buses on this blog as the North East does not have any First Operations and no-one has made a request for any First vehicles.


  5. I did.. I requested for a Wright Renown Sheffield Transport First 51 Lodge moor, look for it on internet


  6. Picture here:

  7. nvm, I’ll copy it

  8. To Connor,

    This has been added to the request list.


  9. To Keiron its First Aberdeen not First glasgow

  10. Hi, I have not seen many First Buses on this Blog as SBwebsites said. Please could you do a First West Yorkshire Volvo B7TL Wright Eclipse Gemini possibly 32540 also with the ‘ forget me not trust ‘ rear branding please?

  11. To Josh,

    Your right, there are not many First Buses on this BLOG. Although unfourtantely we are currently not accpeting requests so check again when the requests once again resume and you send your request again then.


  12. keiron,

    can you modify this to the new livery standard please


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