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ANE Scania Omnicity’s

14 Scania Omnicity’s arrived for Durham Depot in 2005 for services X1, 43 and 49. 5 more joined Arriva in 2007 for service X6 in Teeside. 4 Omnicity’s had leather seats and were branded into the X6 livery but one (NK07 FZF) had conventional cloth seats for reserve. With lack of use it transferred to Durham to work alongside the rest of the Omnicity’s. Then many of the 05 reg Omnicity’s moved to Redcar for service 63 and gained a branding. As the X6 changed route a large swap between 3 depots was made and this caused leather seated NK07 FZG to move to Durham and this was painted into interurban livery and one of the Omnicity’s (NK05 GXD) moved to Whitby as part of theĀ  “Big Change” program that came to Teeside to replace all the aging Optare Vecta’s and Prismas. In total Arriva purchased 32 VDL SB220 / Wright Pulsar 2’s, 20 Temsa Avenue’s and refurbished Wright Cadet’s many Mini Pointer Darts and Coaches. The Omnicity’s that were at Redcar then moved to Whitby for service 93 and gained an attractive Seasider brand. Also the first of the batch NK05 GWZ gained a Green BrightTech LED for testing but proved unpopular. Below are 4646 NK05 GWZ, 4655 NK05 GXJ, 4663 NK07 FZF and 4664 NK07 FZG.



  1. Cheers!

  2. Could You Do Centrebus YN03UWS In Both Airlink Liverys
    YN03UWS Centrebus Scania OmniCity CN94UB 786
    Centrebus West Yorkshire 786, YN03UWS.


  3. To Malcom,

    Due to the amount of requests we can only allow one request at a time on the list. Once your Solo SR has been made and posted on the BLOG you may send me another request then.


  4. have you got a blank net of a neoplan skyliner like this one

    thanks iwan

  5. good job. If i send you some pics, please can you do the livery of a local bus company that operate in staffordshire.

  6. to Keiron can i swap an Dennis trident alx400 (reg) V147 MEV for one of your enviro 400’s


  7. To Iwan,

    Sorry I dont have one.


  8. To Josh,

    Yes thats fine. My email is keironbains[at]


  9. To Malcolm,

    Yes thats fine, they will be added to the list.


  10. can you do gne new x66 and 58 plase and 43 form gne and gne london go head form london can you do plase do i need do by 4 week’s

  11. the 43 not in bendy in 43 livery

    can you 4949 poper bus form go north east

  12. I dont think it would be a fair swap for an ALX400 and an Enviro400. If you would like to sell the vehicle you can use the forum.


  13. Sam,

    All these nets will be created when the vehicles are in branded liveries.

  14. to Keiron can i swap the Dennis trident for one your dennis darts

  15. To David,

    Once again, vehicles that are for sale are in the for sale section. Use the forum to sell it by itself.


  16. Hi Keiron

    Just wondered if you have recived the pictures i sent to you regarding my request

    Many Thanks Josh

  17. To Josh,

    No, I have not received such photos.


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