Posted by: SB Websites | November 10, 2011

GNE Sunderland Connect

This is the new Sunderland Connect 700 service connecting University’s with the Town Centres and Interchanges. It requires 2 vehicles and is operated by 2 Optare Solo SR Hybrids. A reserve is also painted with this being a conventional Solo SR in the same livery.




  1. That’s absolutely amazing!

  2. Could you do ross travel Optare Solo SR YJ59NNA
    YJ59 NNA

  3. have u got a blank plaxton 3500 net


  4. Whats the Diffrence Between a Normall Optare Solo SR and a Optare Solo SR Hybrid?

  5. has some one got a blank net for a Alexander Royale Volvo Olympian
    or one for sale,and has anyone got a alexander ps for sale

    thanks IJ Travel

  6. To Malcom,

    This will be added to the liveries list.


  7. Visibly, the Hybrid Solo SR has a large roof pod where the diesel SR dosent.

  8. what about the new mercades on the X66

  9. Daniel,
    It is already on the nets in the news section, should be on within the next week.

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