Posted by: SB Websites | October 16, 2011

GNE Purple Branded Solars

After the arrival of the new Optare Versa’s for the Orbit the 9 Wright Solar’s became surplus to requirements at Gateshead. All 9 moved to Sunderland for services X36 X37 and 9. 4 for service 9, 3 for the X36/X37 and 2 in reserve. They all wear temporary brands for their service, 9, X36/X37 and the reserves example carries a large GNE logo on the side. Below are the 3 liveries.



  1. Can you Make This Wright Solar

  2. To Jack,

    Sorry, we only allow one persons request to be on the list at a time. As soon as the Versa’s have been done I can add it to the list.


  3. Jack?

  4. You have the same IP Address and Email as Jack so it appears this is the same person.

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