Posted by: SB Websites | October 2, 2011

02/10/11 SS&S News Update

Transbus ALX400 LG02 FDX has been sold to Deerness Motor Coaches. Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400 V142 MEV has been purchased to replace it. 455 is below. Also Dennis Dart MPD NK56 HKV has been delivered and painted into Nexus BUSES Livery for contracted services 23 and 29. By co-ordination with Durham Citybus East Lancs Lolyne FE51 RCX has been painted into Nexus BUSES Livery also for many contracts for Durham Citybus. Our depot is being used to stable their vehicle for the contracts.



  1. Is Durham Citybus a real fictional bus company?

  2. To Tom,

    Yes, this is another fictional company managed my someone else and not by me. This is the same principle as Deerness Motor Coaches.


  3. can you make this dennis dart

  4. To David,

    This is fine except from something, anyone can use my nets in any way they like, but if they are being published onto another website and are similar to mine by changing the regs/display etc (example would be my JMB Travel Darts) please can you use my name for recognition that the livery is made by me. If you dont this breaches copyright regulations on this site.


  5. ok i will do

  6. To David,



  7. Does Durham Citybus have a website? If so, can I have the address please?

  8. To Tom,

    The website isnt fully completed, but here it is.

  9. Hi
    does eanyboady have a east lancs european blank net?

  10. To George,

    You should have one now if your emails from me.


  11. could i have that net as well and has anybody got a net for a Routemaster and a ex Dublin Olympian
    like this one

    thanks my email

  12. Is there a white Wright Commander Net?

  13. To Connor,

    Yes I have a Wright Commander net if you would like it?


  14. will you try and make the stagecoach in south wales optare vecta,image is on the following link,

  15. To Daryl,

    Sorry requests are not currently being accepted, once they are please submit your request once again.


  16. Hi Keiron, Can I use your Saltwell Park on my web? I’ll give all credit to you!

  17. To CDJ,

    No, as I don’t understand why you would want to post a net on my site when it is already on here?


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