Posted by: SB Websites | October 2, 2011

02/10/11 DMS News Update

With Deerness Motor Services growing so much,ย  a new name was needed to reflect the size of the company. So Durham District Services was chosen. A new livery has also been designed to show the historic Durham District Services which operated in the early 1900’s. Optare Versa’s 102/3/4/5/6 NK10 GZV/W/X/Y/Z and 107 NK11 ENB have been sold to Travel Wirral due to their ongoing engine problems and disgraceful reliability. A new renumbering scheme has also taken place, 01-99 are DAF/VDL, 100-199 are Optare/MCV, 200-299 are Volvo’s, 300-399 are ADL Single deckers, 400-499 are ADL Double deckers, 500-599 are Scania’s, 800-899 are other vehicles and 900-999 are loans or demonstrators. A new allocation and fleet will be updated later today. Enviro 300’s KW02 DRO, SN54 HXG and SJ56 GCF have been acquired for replacements. Also 2 MAN 14:220 Enviro 200’s and 1 MAN A69 Enviro 300 have been ordered and will be used for the 53 and 54 services. Also acquired are Optare Solo T294 BNN and Temsa Avenue NK11 GVA from Deerness Motor Coaches in exchange for Transbus MPD YJ52 DUP, SS&S ALX400 LG02 FDX and Wright Axcess Ultralow N364 XBU. MAN SL200 / PMCSA 1D18 444 1885 has arrived from Australia and will be soon out-shopped in the historic livery, along with Routemaster HAS 426 and Delta P130 RWR for heritage service 30. Dennis Dart SPD’s W107 RNC and T272 DMS have also been withdrawn due to being surplus to requirements. Below is ADL Enviro 300 KW02 DRO, Solo T294 BNN, Temsa NK11 GVA and MAN SL200 1D18 444.



  1. hi
    can i use a copy of the man sl200
    livery,reg ect will be changed

  2. Yes you can, no problem!

  3. Hi Keiron.
    I have a Dennis Trident/ Plaxton for sale and was wondering if we could do a swap?
    Please post back.

  4. Hi Alex,

    It depends what you want it swapping with.


  5. I’m trying to get a majority/ all Volvo fleet so one of your B7TL’s would be nice.

  6. To Alex,

    I will take this offer, whats the age of your President?


  7. W reg. so 2000 ish.

  8. To Alex,

    Ok thanks, please can u send this to my email and I will send you one of mine.


  9. Thank you.
    btw what’s your email?

  10. To Alex,

    I have sent you the email, so you should have received my President and my email address.


  11. Ok, thanks. I’ve sent you mine.

  12. Hi mate, is it ok if I download the SL200, reg/livery etc all will be romoved.
    Thanks Kieran ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. To Kieran,

    That is perfectly fine as long as you quote its from this website and Copyright of Keiron Bains.


  14. thanks, can u send to (thats my fleet ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  15. To Kieran,

    Yes I will do that now.


  16. cheers mate ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Can you do optare solo southern vectis R602NFX

  18. To Jimmi,

    Please refer to Update on Requests section on the stickypost.


  19. what’s the stickypost?

  20. This is the post with the blue background at the top of the home page.


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