Posted by: SB Websites | September 30, 2011

GNE White Solar

Another type of vehicle that haven’t got liveries are a few White Solar’s in reserve. Below is 4967 NK53 UNT.




  1. Cheers. This is great!

  2. To Tom,

    Thanks very much, considering its only white it didn’t take me long!


  3. to tom, i agree its great

  4. Hi can you do one of Waterson’s of Hemsworth Y46 HHE
    If you want a picture of it just let me know

  5. Hi,
    Requests are not currently being accepted, this will be displayed on the blog when they are.


  6. Hi Mathew 

    Ive doon my own versions if you want them vor your blog.

    Sent from Elliot Waterson

  7. To Elliot,

    Thanks, but we don’t require them.


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