Posted by: SB Websites | September 20, 2011

GNE Nexus MPD (ex Black Cats)

With the changeover of the 26 to a Showstopper service from a Black Cats one, these MPD’s came obsolete, until the Nexus Solo SR’s arrive, these have been used in a livery wearing the Black Cats livery but with Nexus BUSES logos over the Black Cats ones. Below is 543 NA52 AXH.



  1. Hi
    Have you got any blank bendibus nets if you have this would be very helpfull
    thanks george

  2. To George,

    I have an old and new Citaro bendi net and a net of a Solar Fusion. Would you like me to send them to you?


  3. Yes Please

  4. when are you sending them two me

  5. To George,

    Sorry that’s my fault for forgetting, they will be sent to you sometime tomorrow. Sorry about that.


  6. Thanks

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