Posted by: SB Websites | September 9, 2011

GNE Northern Lolyne

Alongside Presidents from London, native East Lancs Lolynes are the other type of Low Floor deckers to be in Northern Livery and used for non branded routes and reserves. Here below is 3783 on the Fabfiftysix service.



  1. can you do a northern lolyne saying x31 newcastle via sunside

  2. To Sam,

    This will be added to the list.


  3. can you do york park and ride buses 7,8,6 on deplay’s

  4. We’re sorry but we arnt taking any more requests at the minute due to the high volume waiting already, if you wait a couple of weeks we will be able to take this request then.


  5. To Keiron,

    I was on this the other day on the 887 as 3825 was poorly. Lots of drivers seem to complain about these Lolynes, many just refer to them as ‘Tridents’. They dread Vykings, to be honest I think a lot of East Lancs’ buses are slow. At Chester we have Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3. The majority, over half of drivers are Unit 1, Unit 1 is 21’s, X25’s and X22’s. Unit 2 is single decker routes, and Unit 3 is Scholars, Excursions, Metro Replacements and a mixture of Unit 1 and Unit 2. Being a passenger isn’t bad mind, but once at a rally at the Metro Centre a few years back I got to sit in a Lolyne’s cab. The driving seat was really springy, it must be like driving on a pogo stick!


  6. To Marcus,

    I agree, out of all the vehicles I really don’t like Lolynes.


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