Posted by: SB Websites | September 9, 2011

ANE Lowlander

In 2001, 9 DAF DB250 / East Lancs Lowlander’s were bought for services 713 and 723 between Durham and Darlington. Since then they have moved north to Newcastle to go on longer distance services in interurban livery but have urban90 seats which prove uncomfortable after a while on the longer services.



  1. Nice!
    Should say, Arriva only bought 9 Lowlanders in 2001. Followed by 4 in 2007. We never had 14.


  2. To Tony,

    I’m not sure why I put 14, this will be amended.


  3. Hi
    Can you do the newport bus scannia omnicity please with 18 Almond drive on the front

  4. Hi,
    This has been added to the requests list.


  5. Can you make a Arriva (Interban Liverly) Scania OminiCiti Please

  6. To Bus Fan,

    At the moment we are not taking any requests. But this is already in the request list anyway.


  7. Then will you be Taking Them again?

  8. Can I please use a copy of this please?

  9. Sam,

    What purpose would you like to use it for? It can be used as long as it is not published to another website.


  10. I would like your permission to use this paperbus as a sprite for a game called Locomotion, I create lots of buses for this game and until now I haven’t been able to come across a lowlander as an original base texture. The creators name will be credited in the readme’s. If you email me i shall send you some previews of my previous work.



  11. To Joe,

    That is fine to use as long as you put my name in the readme.


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