Posted by: SB Websites | August 23, 2011

ANE 2011 Optare Solo

9 Optare Solo’s were ordered for Darlington depot to replace their ageing step-entrance Darts with ages such as K and N from stagecoach. 08 and 58 Solos were purchased but did not replace them all. Below is one of the brand new examples, 2868 YJ11 OJD.



  1. Is this the blog that used to be about fishmongers?

  2. To Trevor,

    I think you may have the wrong site, this site has always been public transport related.


  3. can you send me all of you plan white pater nets to me at

  4. sorry i meam paper nets

  5. Kerion

    Any chance of doing ANE DAF SB3000 1211 in new livery? Here’s a image:


  6. Hi Tony,

    This has been added to the requests list.


  7. To David,

    Sorry for the late reply, they will be emailed soon.


  8. can you send me all of you plan white pater nets to me at

  9. thanks for that great buses by the way

  10. Kerion, Could you Please send me some of your Plain White Paper nets


  11. To Matthew,

    Yes thats fine, they will be emailed to you shortly.


  12. Can you send me some Arriva Paperbuses to

  13. Hi
    Can you send me if possible a plain alx 200 net to don’t worry if you can’t
    Thanks very much

  14. This would be unfair to other viewers. And if it was that easy, you could always do it?

  15. So you can give Matt alot of paperbuses but you can’t give me one paperbus. If i am going to be treated like that then i won’t be using this website again

  16. Hi Josh,

    I have given no-one called Matt alot of nets. If you have made a request I am happy to add it to the list and have it created as long as it is a current real livery and if there is a blank net available. The matter between me and Jack having 2 requests have been changed as I found it unfair on others. You can change a net as much as you want as thats your specific slot.


  17. Sorry i mis understood, like i said don’t worry if you can’t give me the requested net again sorry for the mis understanding

  18. Can you send me some Paperbus nets to

  19. You need to be more specific rather than just “some paperbuses”.

  20. Like Some White Buses Like No Liverly

    1) Optare Solo SR
    2) Some Open Top Buses!

  21. To Jack,

    They will be sent to you later today.


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