Posted by: SB Websites | August 22, 2011

GNE 4895 DAF Key Livery

For the Key Smartcard a few spare vehicles were painted into the livery, below is a DAF painted into it, 4895 S895 ONL on the 71.



  1. Hi Kieron

    can u do ‘9 North Shields’ on the Purple Solar please

  2. To Thomas,

    Dont worry, I was going to anyway.


  3. can you do schooll bus 859 866 855 856 on deplay boad

  4. To Sam,

    Which school buses are these?


  5. Hey Guys,

    Let me tell you a story. About 5 days ago, this bus, 4895, was on scholars service 886, which is one of 4 scholars buses from my school (the others being 885, 887 and 888). Chester Le Street depot had sent his one. But there is some construction work going on at the school, and this bus was too long to make it around the tight bend, and I was on the 887 behind it. We were stuck for nearly an hour at most while the inexperienced driver (the 887’s driver told me it was his first week) was told what to do by the other drivers. Now this guy drives it every day!


  6. Had a similar incident today with 4928 I believe, it couldn’t turn round the bend and had to reverse out, causing havoc and chaos, it nearly hit a car. Same driver as the incident with 4895! Oh yeah, thanks for posting this net by the way, it’s made a nice addition to my paper depot!

  7. Sadly this is now withdrawn along with 4988. RIP…….

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