Posted by: SB Websites | August 17, 2011

National Express Plaxton Elite

The Plaxton Elite is now the Standard coach type for National Express, replacing the previous Caeteno Levante, below is AE10 JTU, a Volvo B9R.



  1. I prefer the Caetano Levante as these are actually quite ugly

  2. Any National Express West Midlands?

    I make them in, i got optare spectra, volvo B10, plaxton president, alx 300, mercedes 0405N and enviro 200 in nxwm livery

  3. To Jim,

    Personally I prefer the Elite to the Levante as I think its getting pretty dated now.


  4. To Jason91111,

    I haven’t no, although when requests are being accepted you are welcome for me to create one.


  5. I have completed the requested NXWM 1 Design. Please check my page 🙂

  6. To Claydie2013,

    Where is this net as it seems the link in your profile no longer exists.


  7. In the Address Bar, type:

    There’s a bit of a adjustment to the site 😉

    Claydie 2013 (Admin)

  8. To claydie2013,

    That is wrong as well if you click the link you just made.


  9. I apologise. The link works on my computer, i’m not sure what has happened. However, I would consider making a flickr account, for NXWM Buses / Normans Bses (My Company)

    -Claydie2013 (Admin)

  10. To Claydie,

    Its ok, it appears you missed of the S as you typed where as it should be


  11. Sorry! I tend to misspell words quite a lot… I hope you enjoy my blog. 🙂

    – Admin

  12. To Claydie,

    No problem, thanks.


  13. To Claydie,

    “ is unavailable” “the authors have deleted this site”

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