Posted by: SB Websites | August 16, 2011

GNE Plain White

Most Low Floor Buses are in Northern Livery. One exception is Lolyne 3869 which is painted white, which was the reserve or spare livery before Northern Livery came about.Another exception is a few SPD’s, such as 8158 S358 ONL in place of a MPD on Tynedale Links service 689. 3869 is on Coaster service 1 in place of an Omnicity or another Lolyne.



  1. can you the northern Lolyne saying 56 newcastle via gateshead

  2. Hi Sam, this has been added to the requests list.


  3. can you do a sne 6 freeman hospiat

  4. To Sam,

    This will be added to the request list.


  5. Hi,
    Was wondering what fonts you use, for Displays and Number Plates.

    Many Thanks.

  6. To Adam,

    For the fonts i usually use Tahoma Size 7 Bold for the writing, but I hand draw the numbers and thats the same for the regs.


  7. please can i have a blank net of this.

  8. To Blackpool Tram Nets,

    This will be sent to you later today.


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