Posted by: SB Websites | August 16, 2011

GNE Standard Liveries

Here are some of the Liveries through time as it were, first was the Standard “swoosh” Livery which is shown on Caeteno Compass 8285, this was then replaced by a  swirl livery which is shown by Go North East’s only Nimbus and another SPD. Nowadays most routes are branded, spare vehicles are supposed to be in Northern Livery but SPD’s are in all over yellow from the old Blaydon Racers brand they wore and are soon due for withdrawal so stay in the base colour as can be seen by 8222.



  1. wow

  2. Thanks Kieron 🙂

  3. To Thomas,

    Your very welcome.


  4. Fanstatic.

  5. Worst day of driving buses!!!!
    I had to drive from North Shields – Kibblesworth, then Kibblesworth – Whitley Bay on the 1… On 8277 (T407 LGP)

  6. To Thomas,

    Oh dear, sounds like someone didn’t have a good day :P, try and get an Omni next time 🙂


  7. To Tony,

    Thanks very much.


  8. Drive omnicities a few times a week: On the Coaster or the Cobalt Clipper… or on the coaster sometimes an loyne. On the 17 it’s a Compass, or an SPD… OR THE WORST EVER S590 KJF!!! Got that before on the 19.

  9. Keiron

    Are you planning to do the new ‘Simplicity’ Versas?


  10. To Thomas,

    Seems interesting haha :P, whats wrong with the ALX300?


  11. Hi Tony,

    Yeah it will be done, i’m just waiting till the list gets smaller.


  12. That’s S590 KJF

  13. If you’re wondering why I hate, it’s because it’s SO noisy, the OAP’S shout at me saying ” Lower the step” when I have it’s just so quiet.

  14. To Thomas,

    How odd, oh well, let’s hope you dont get it again :P.


  15. I won’t be driving it anymore :-)… Moving to Deptford, hopefully I’ll get to drive the new optare versas

  16. To Thomas,

    Good idea! 🙂


  17. I’d be grateful if one of the owners of this website would contact me.

    Oh, BTW, nice work!



  18. Hello Tom,
    What is it you would like?


  19. Sorry, I need an ‘off-board’ discussion:

  20. Tom,
    Keiron is the person that mainly operates Ron and Tons BLOG so he should be able to contact you sometime today.


  21. Good Day…. Drove 8325 on the 42
    then 4791 on the 35

  22. Hi Thomas,
    What do you think about the new Versas as ive heard a few drivers complaining about the existing Versas?

  23. There not as good as I thought 😦

  24. Not a good day!!!! Triendent 3861 broke down when I was driving the 9 in Jarrow Interchange so 6033 came in replacemant. Then was driving. Then drove 8270 on the X36, then finally 3907 on the 99

  25. (Thomas)

  26. can you the obit just puple

  27. To Sam,

    Do you mean one of the ex Orbit Solars?


  28. can you do ex Orbit Solars

  29. To Sam,

    Thats fine, it will be added to the list.


  30. can you do a ex go noth east 4957 it is now in ex livery it is on the 91 for now

  31. go north east 4865 it is now gon to ane to goback in about the next 75 weeks so

  32. can you do the new obit bus plase saying 51 gateshead

  33. To Sam,

    What do you mean, 4957 is in MetroLink livery on the M1, it is still with GNE is it not?


  34. To Sam,

    This will be added to the list.


  35. XD

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