Posted by: SB Websites | August 15, 2011

15/08/11 News Update

Delivered from DMS is Optare Excel S289 RAG (ex S112 DMS) and ALX300 R102 KRG. Service 50 has been withdrawn and the Prestiges moved to DMS but R424 RPY was retained. So Olympians K715 ASC, M491/492 ASW, Open-top H811 AGX could all be withdrawn. The 16 now uses 2 Myllenuims and the Excel. See allocation for further details. All the ALX400’s are in service also. Below is the S289 RAG.





  1. Hi. I was just wondering what has happened to your service 50. Has it been withdrawn completely, or has it been moved to another company?

  2. To Tom,

    It has been handed over to “another company”.


  3. So, I’m assuming you don’t quite know who ”another company” is?

  4. To Tom,

    It got sold off to another company, as in to Go North East. I was just withdrawing the route for another operator to take it over and opt to serve it so I could have a better fleet for DMS.


  5. Hi
    If you are not useing the olypians may i have the because i am expanding my bus sirvice into the north east , if this is possable it would be very helpfull
    Thanks George

  6. To George,

    Yes thats fine, there are 6 Olympians and I will email them to you later.
    G37 OCK – Leyland Olympian / Roe
    G525 WJF – Olympian
    H808 AGX – Leyland Olympian / Roe
    K715 ASC – Leyland Olympian / Alexander
    M491 ASW – Leyland Olympian / Alexander
    M492 ASW – Leyland Olympian / Alexander


  7. can i have dart R156 VLA

  8. To David,

    There is no R156 VLA for sale, sorry about this.


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