Posted by: SB Websites | August 15, 2011

15/08/11 DMS News Update

New service X33 has been acquired from another bus company, with it came 5 ADL Enviro 400’s and Scania L94UB / Wright Solar. The X33 has a PVR of 5 and connects Durham | Bishop Auckland| Barnard Castle every 30 minutes. The 5 Enviro 400’s are 410 NK09 XBA, 411 NK09 XBB, 412 NK09 XBC, 413 NK09 XBD and 414 NK09 XBE and the Wright Solar is NK53 UWE and is placed as reserve. Check out the website for more details or visit the X33 website. This has made Volvo B10BLE/Alexander ALX300 transfer to South Shields&Sunderland. Enviro 400 410 is in a livery for the X33 whereas all the other vehicles are in blue awaiting repaint into the livery. The Wright Solar will be painted into the standard livery. The Durham Tour has been withdrawn so Olympian H809 AGX and Routemaster HAS 425 have been withdrawn. Optare Solo’s have been purchased to give a better standard of service instead of using the MPD’s which are unreliable. So they are 121 MX58 AAV, 122 MX58 AAY, 123 KX53 SBZ and 124 MX54 KYH and have made 260 NK56 HKV, 261 NK56 HKW, 262 NK53 SJD and 263 NK52 DBD withdrawn but are awaiting further duties elsewhere. Below are all the Enviro 400’s, the Solar and the Solo’s acquired.




  1. 410 is looking very smart, just a quick question, are you putting different landmarks/town centre on the buses, Like ‘ Bishop Auckland’ eg

  2. To Thomas,

    Yes they will be, although some will have the same places.


  3. Hi mate great liveries Devon Express has a brand new look go to the DEvon Express blog and have your say thanks Sean

  4. To Sean,

    Ive looked and it looks very nice, well done!


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