Posted by: SB Websites | August 8, 2011

JMB Travel Plaxton Pointer

This is a Dennis Dart SLF with Scottish operator JMB Travel. These V5** JBH registered Darts were part of a batch from London and JMB Travel operates a few Darts from this batch for use on service 41. Below is V522 JBH.




  1. What font did you use for the destination display

  2. To George,

    I hand drew this from a photo, I find thats the easiest way to make it look the best.


  3. thanks for the jmb travel bus

  4. To David,

    Your welcome.


  5. hi
    can i ask what has happend to the grayline of bicester Beulas Aura.
    it is not on the liveries list no more as it was 2nd after the jmb travel dennis slf


  6. It was… I don’t know!!!

  7. To Iwan,

    I was about to comment why but I can tell you now, it has been removed unfortunately because I have no access to a suitable blank net, sorry about this.


  8. ok thanks

  9. Can you do ANE 7440 Y685EBR please

  10. To Martin,

    Yes this is fine, this will be added to the request list.


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