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30/07/11 DMS News Update

New CrossCity services start tomorrow for Durham as seen on the website and are Versa run, along with the 49 with its existing examples. Allocation changes include 4 Refurbished DAF’s arriving from South Shields&Sunderland after the 50 was passed to another company. These are for service X2. The 42 now uses 2 MPD’s now that the 62 has been cut to every 30 mins and that uses 2 also. The 46 has been increased back to every 20 mins and uses its 3 Commanders. The 48 and 66 now interwork and use the 3 MCV Evolutions. Brand new Optare Versa V1100 has also arrived in the standard livery ready for service tomorrow and Caeteno Nimbus has also been aquired for reserve. Omnicity NK05 GWZ is for sale with the LED swapped with the Caeteno Dart so it now has a Green Brightech example. The new allocation can also been seen above. The Versa’s all wear a promotional banner across the windscreen also. All vehicles have now been painted into the standard livery. Below is all the vehicles that have been repainted (Similar vehicles have been ommited) and brand new Versa NK11 ENB.



  1. can you do dms duble decker saying 54 durham

  2. To Sam,

    Deerness Motor Services is a fictional company along with South Shields&Sunderland. So requests can’t be made for these companies as I control what’s used on what.


  3. To Keiron/Matthew,
    I have a very popular X32, and I’m just wondering if you would like to take it over;
    It’s route:
    Sunderland Park Lane 00. 30.
    Doxford International. 16. 47.
    Houghton-le-Spring. 27. 57.
    Great Lumley. 38. 08
    Chester-le-Street. 48. 18.
    Waldridge Park Second Ave./. The Ave./
    Whitehill Way. 54. 24.
    Arninson Centre. 02. 32
    Framwellgate Moor. 06. 36.
    Durham. 12. 42.
    Spennymoor. 32 02.
    Bishop Auckland. 48 18.
    Cockfield. 01 31.
    Staindrop. 10. 40.
    Barnard Castle. 26. 56

    Barnard Castle. 00. 30
    Staindrop. 16. 46.
    Cockfield. 25. 55.
    Bishop Auckland. 32. 02.
    Spennymoor. 48. 18.
    Durham 08. 38.
    Framwellgate Moor. 14. 44
    Arnison Centre. 18. 48.
    Waldridge Park Whitehill Way/ The Ave/
    Second Ave. 26. 56.
    Chester-le-Street. 32. 02.
    Great Lumley. 42. 12.
    Houghton-le-Spring. 53. 23.
    Doxford International 02. 32.
    Sunderland Park Lane 18. 48.

    Mon Fri
    First Journey from Sunderland 6:30 (Terminates at Durham)
    7:30 Journey from Sunderland terminates at Waldridge Park
    Buses from Sunderland after 9:00 will run hourly with one running every 2 hours to Bishop Auckland, with the others terminating at Durham (last bus from Sunderland 12:30 terminates at Waldridge Park)

  4. Seems an odd route to be honest! I think im going to leave it for my Deerness Motor Coaches, but Keiron may want it when he gets back on Sumday.


  5. Would u like it Kieron?
    PVR; 10 09′ reg Alexander Dennis, and 2 53′ reg Wright Solar’s resevre (i’ll give you the vechiles)

  6. Hi Thomas,

    It does seem a bit of an odd route to operate, perhaps i could split it, say I just do the Barnad Castle to Durham Section if thats ok?


  7. That’s fine, it is split up into the X32/X33 so you want the X33 section; I’ll email you the nets, if so you will need 4 Alexander Dennis Enviro 400 (NK09 XBA, NK09 XBB, NK09 XBC & NK09 XBD) and for reserve the Wright Solar (NK53 QWE)

  8. No 5… NK09 XBE

  9. To Thomas,

    Thanks very much thats fine.


  10. To Kieron
    There is an error with the file, so I can’t send you them but you can certinaly have them

    Changes will start from Fri 12 Aug

  11. To Thomas,

    Ok thats fine, thanks very much,


  12. Will you add the route to your DMS Website, and add the vechiles to the fleetlist?

  13. To Thomas,

    Both will be added 2moro for a news update etc, you can already see the website for it at,, also, what livery were they in when you owned them?


  14. they were in a dark blue livery; just like the coat of the Fab Fifty Seven.

  15. To Thomas,

    Ok thanks, one is painted into the X33 Livery already, the rest will be painted in due course.


  16. Would anyone like some new services, for your fictional company??
    X61 – Durham – Ferryhill – Chilton – Newton Aycliffe – Darlington – Stockton – Middlesbrough – Whitby – Scarborough
    Caetano Levante Triaxle’s, NK08 AVX. NK08 AVY and NK08 AVZ

    69 Chester-le-Street – Waldridge Park – Arnison Centre – Framwellgate Moor – Durham – Ferryhill – Newton Aycliffe – Darlington
    7 SPD’s X529 CVE, V546 ADF, NK51 FGD, NK51 FDE, NK51 FDF, NK02 JHG, Y561 YHU, and 3 VDL SB220’s Plaxton P120 GEA, P121 GEA and P122 GEA

    78 Durham – Mulsgrave Gardens – Dragonville Tesco – Sherburn Estate
    6 Ceatnto Nimbuses, NK02 JKA, NK02 JKB, NK02 JKC, NK02 JKD, NK02 JKE, NK02 JKF

    98 Consett – Leadgate – Lanchester – Witton Gilbert – Framwellgate Moor – Durham
    6 East Lancs Loyne, V430 YUA, X543 TRX, X543 TRY, X543 TRZ, Y543 FRE and Y543 FRFF

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