Posted by: SB Websites | July 29, 2011

ANE VDL Gemini 2

In 2010, deliveries came for 15 low height VDL Gemini 2’s to replace the ageing Olympians and Cityzen’s. Currently 8 wear the Quorom Express Brand and the others wear the standard livery. Below is 7610.



  1. Hi, Iv’e just discovered your website, and your livery’s are great and so realistic Can you do the ANE coastliner, ANE P274 VRG in Northumbria Express livery

  2. To Nelson,

    Yes this is fine, although I dont do past liveries so unfourtanetly I cant do P274 VRG but I cand o the CoastLiner brand.


  3. can you do the wright streetlite door forward and wright streetcar?

  4. Yes these can be done, what liveries would you like them in?

  5. i’d like the streetcar like the ones in york and the streetlite in plain red. please

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