Posted by: SB Websites | July 29, 2011

ANE Cadets and MPD

Here are some more Teeside Liveries. The 48 uses refurbished Plaxton MPD’s fitted with next-stop technology, although seemlingly a half-done livery compared to the Cadet branded for the 15. This looks smarter with a darker red and the Cadet’s have also been refurbished but dont have next-stop technology built in. Other Teeside Liveries such as the Seasider and the 9,27 and 29 have also been made. Below are 1905, 1910 and 1736.



  1. Cheers Kerion.

    Any chance of doing the two Step Darts repainted in the new livery (1658 & 1688 please?


  2. To Tony,

    Your welcome and yes these can be done and have been added to the request list.


  3. Hi, Any chance of doing V709 DNL, with 53A Whitley Bay on the destanation blind, NK53 HJA with 6 Jesmond Vale on the blind and NK55 MYT with 3 Broomfield Avenue on the blind added to this section


  4. Acutally put 355 Cobalt on NK53 HJA

  5. To Thomas,

    Yes thats fine, they will be added to the request list.


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