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GNE Yellow Bus and Northern

When Go North East began to introduce their new livery brandings, a reserve livery was also made up named “Yellow Bus” and worn by the Palatine Olympians of GNE. Although recently the Yellow Bus livery and name has been discontinued and now the Northern livery is used across the North East for vehicles that are spare or for a non-branded route. Also 11 ex Metrobus Olympians were brought earlier in 2010 to leave enough reserves due to the expansion of service and the Hexham deals.  3825 S825 OFT, 3827 S827 OFT, 3896 R254 LGH and 3990 P819 SGP (requested by Thomas) are shown below.



  1. Can I ask you to do three livery’s please:

    1: ANE Coast and Castles Connections
    2: ANE New Great Park And Ride
    3: GNE whey-aye-five-0 (if is not do able) GNE laser

    Thomas J Anderson

  2. Hi,

    The ANE Great…Park and Ride will be done first then the Whey-aye-five-0 when the real livery is applied. The others will be done when time allows.


  3. Thanks

  4. Great… Thanks 🙂

  5. To Thomas,

    Your very welcome.


  6. can you abc bus

  7. Sorry Sam, I dont understand your request?

  8. can ypu lan rose bus say lanc

  9. To Saw.

    I don’t understand your request, what are you asking me to do?


  10. can you do 4824 saying 69 wadley

  11. To Sam,

    This has been added to the request list.


  12. can you do 8159 and 4867 saying 32 newcastle

  13. Hello,

    I have 2 things to say, the first; please can you do NC Palatine 1 3916 in Yellow Bus livery with the destination blind saying 885 Scholars All Welcome and the other; today when I got on a Lime 78 at my Grandad’s house, my key card wasn’t working. The driver then snatched it right out of my hands, looked at it and I thought he said put it back on the reader again, but he actually had said 90 pence. I didn’t hear it because the bus had a noisy engine. He then got mad at me and said LEAVE IT MAN, 90 PENCE! Then he gave me that face as if he was a teacher and I had just annoyed him out of plain ridicule. I know this is like supposed to be a requests list but all the other blogs I need to make an account.

    Thanks and please reply, Marcus

  14. Hello again,

    Please can you make 2 additions to the list, NC Palatine 1 3917 in the old red and blue supermarket livery saying X78 Stanley Express Service and MCW Metrobus 3768 in the Yellow School Bus livery saying 825 Scholars.

    Thanks, Marcus

  15. To Marcus,

    I am not currently taking requests as stated on the top post on the homepage. As for you issue your better off sending this complaint to Go North East themselves as we are not affiliated with any organisations what-so-ever.


  16. Thanks for the advice, but I may just drop it because he may have had a big family and he may have just scratched a living. When the current requests have been completed and a new list could you please add my requests to that list.

    Thanks, Marcus

  17. Hey guys,

    It turns out the Palatine 1’s aren’t all gonna go. I read on Simply Go’s Enthusiast Area that 3915 has been returned to service at Stanley and is in use on special services.


  18. I read on this weeks enthusiast page that 3910 is back at Stanley but only temperarely due to a shortage of buses

  19. To Marcus,

    Yes it is, sales are limited with those as they are only popular with the smaller independents replacing 80’s or early 90’s double-deckers.


  20. If I had the money I would buy the Palatine 1’s, their my favourite bus. One thing I would recommend to GNE is to remove the Solars on the Fab Fifty Six and replace them with double deckers, possibly rebrand some Lolynes or Presidents? My only problem is I just can’t imagine any DD in my head with Fab Fifty Six branding. I would put 13 of the 16 Solars on the Lime 8/78/78A and 3 in Northern for reserve. The 13 Renowns could go 4 for the Lambton Worm 34/34A, 5 on The Waggonway 28/28A and the other 4 on Northern reserve. Just my ideas, please respond and tell me if it’s worth taking it up to the top and influencing GNE.

    Thanks, Marcus

  21. To Marcus,

    The Fabfiftysix will most likely be the service that receives and upgrade next as the Solars are beginning to age quite a bit now (especially the Y reg ones) and it does get busy at times. I think Gemini’s may be next buy for that service but we will have to wait and see.

    I also like the idea of the upgrade of the Lime as than needs sorting out as well and its a lengthy route for the R reg Renowns. To be honest they will probably go ahead with the idea themselves a that’s what most likely to happen. Go North East’s bus services are simply a giant ranking system and the better services get more upgrades compared to those on the bottom of the rankings such as the 17 to the 21.


  22. GNE have quite a big fleet of Gemini’s now!


  23. Did you know, the 21 is the most money-making route in the ENTIRE North East, it makes twice as much as the limes put together, the lambton worm, waggonway and the 71. P.S Cath told me this! 🙂


  24. To Marcus,

    Its growing but these purchases were required as capacity was increasing and we didn’t really have any modern deckers.

  25. To Marcus,

    Personally that doesn’t surprise me as it has grown such the change from the 724 to the 21 serving Durham. I am pleased that it now has a firm vehicle type and the service has deserved it for years. The service will pay for the B5HL’s before long.


  26. Yeah, and at least their good ones!

  27. The lime is my local service, and trust me, it almost has branding on it saying ‘get some solars on my route’.

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