Posted by: SB Websites | July 21, 2011

GNE Simplicity

The Simplicity brand was introduced just last 2 weeks ago for a new service 36 from Sunderland City Centre to Town End Farm Estate rivaling with Stagecoach. Brand new Optare Vers’s operate the Simplicity brand. These are Euro5 and have next stop technology built inside. Service 42, which used to be part of the Magic Roundabout brand as service 33, is also turning to Simplicity due to not currently having a brand and using Darts daily and also using brand new Versa’s. The 36 needs 6, whereas the 42 only needs 5, and only 9 Versa’s have been delivered so far. But they are on the way! Below is 8324 on the 42.



  1. Can you Make An Arriva Optare Versa (Any Kind) In Interban Liverly Please!

  2. To busfan2001,

    This will be added to the request list.


  3. yay! thx

  4. What Number is it?

    Also The Same Liverly Like The Optare Solo SR in Derby! Please Thanks!

  5. on the Waiting List I Can’t See it

  6. Liking your Liverly’s! That you made! I Will Make the most of The Optare Versa That your Made!

    My Son will be so Happy!

  7. It’s on the waiting list currently at number 14, we’ve chose Arriva Midlands 2995 YJ09 MKL.

  8. Ok Thanks!

    My Son Loves Buses and I Do Too!
    I Think he will be soo Happy!

  9. Can you Do This Versa Instead!

    Link Here


    This Back of The Bus Displays X and The Said says Not in Service

  10. To Jack,

    That’s fine, I will do both!


  11. Update On Arriva Derby

    Arriva Derby Has Ordered Some Versa! They run on The 40 and 41!

    Arriva Malta is Returning Derby Solos

    The Optare Solo SRs are Now e.g 2516

  12. My Website!

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