Posted by: SB Websites | July 21, 2011

GNE DAF 4825

When Go North East were getting rid of the old style livery they repainted all vehicles that had life left into a different colour. DAF 4824/5 were in original GNE colours and oddly got painted into Yellow for reserve for Winlaton depot. Below is 4825.



  1. Hi Keiron

    Another great livery.

    Could you do the ‘Team Valley Clipper’ please?


  2. To Tony,

    Thanks again! Yes, this has been added to the list.


  3. plase do northern buses saiding 57 wadley

  4. Hi Sam,
    What vehicle would you like this to be done on?


  5. 4863 (S863 ONL) in Team Valley on Team Valley Clipper service

  6. Go North East: 8201 V201VRG Dennis SPD by emdjt42. From emdjt42 cross tyne busesok ron and tons

  7. Thanks Sam, they have been added to the requests list. As for the Cross Tyne SPD, we have already done the similar South Tyne as seen here.

  8. 4895 go north east plase do route 28

  9. 4895 go north east in northern livery saying 28

  10. I do’t want 4863 saying 28 now

  11. now I want 4863 saying 28 newcastle

  12. Ok thanks for the update on these requests Sam.

  13. you welcome I hope you can do a update in 9 hours and can you do a 71 in the 4895 now ok

  14. To Sam,

    Please make your mind up! This has been changed and will not be chnanged again.


  15. can you do 4867 saying 49b to gateshead via adsa

  16. can do you do 8159 saying 57 newcastle and can you do a 4532

  17. To Sam,

    8159 is at Hexham, so cannot be done and 4532 does not exist.


  18. To Sam,

    Again, 4867 is at Hexham so cannot go on the 49B, so this cannot be done.


  19. it was today the 10 hexham 4867

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