Posted by: SB Websites | July 20, 2011

GNE Washington Street Shuttle

The Washington Street Shuttle is a brand for the local service within Washington and Concord. It is similar to other MPD operated services except it is operated from a GNE depot unlike others which use outstations, Venture uses the Elddis Truck Depot, East Durham use a warehouse in Peterlee, so the prices are slightly higher. Originally all “W” prefix services, these have been changed and altered and recently, joined with the MetroLink services M2 and M3 which are now part of the Street Shuttle brand. Below is 570 on the W6.



  1. can you do one of the go north east buses saying 187 mertro

  2. To Sam,

    Yes this has been added to the request list.


  3. can you do at sne route 100 to saying 100 metrocenter

  4. can you do a 5221 94 gateshead loop

  5. To Sam,

    This will be added to the request list.


  6. To Sam,

    I have already created the Loop livery here.


  7. Go North East 4847 saying 51 gateshead via leam

  8. To Sam,

    You have gave me nearly 10 requests, I cannot accept anymore because I cant do that many, I also need to give other people a chance to give a request.


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