Posted by: SB Websites | July 11, 2011

ANE XSixtySix

The X66 is an express route using the A66 road linking Darlington, Stockton and Middlesbrough. Originally using Olympians and Dennis Darts the service was to become a coach run service. This came about because the local councils wanted route 93 to be low floor, which used coaches and replaced them with Scania Omnicity’s and painted into Seasider Livery. The Coaches were then refurbished internally and gained a new paint job. The service was then increased to every 20 minutes from every 30 and months later the coaches gained the brand “XSixtySix” and painted into a simplistic livery using small line drawings off places of interest, Darlington’s  Town Clock, Stockton’s Infinite Bridge and Middlesbrough’s Famous Transporter bridge. 5 Plaxton Prima’s are used and below is 1208 V208 DJR.



  1. Excillent Livery!!!!

    Please can you do 3990 P819 SGP ‘Yellow Bus’, with 13 Langley Park on the destenation blind

  2. Hi Thomas,
    Yes this can be done and has been put on the liveries coming soon list.


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