Posted by: SB Websites | July 8, 2011

SB Travel Livery

Operating mainly in the Bishop Auckland Area, SB Travel have many rural services joining villages with Bishop Auckland, Shildon and Durham. Their fleet consists of Optare Solo’s, each of different lengths, an Enviro 200 and a Optare Solo SR. Most vehicles are privately licensed as obvious by below on SR SB10 BUS.



  1. please could you make a plaxton Paramount volvo b10m with grayline of bicester livery “gig 4131”
    if you need some pictures email me.

  2. Hi Iwan,
    The livery can be done and has been put in the coming soon list, i had a quick search on the internet and couldnt find a picture of the exact vehicle so could you please send a link of the photograph?


  3. hi i have sent the pictures by email.


  4. Which address did you sent it to, we dont have a e-mail address for Ron and Tons Blog?

  5. yes is that not the right one.

  6. the one for world press

  7. Unfortunately no, WordPress will get the email and not us, is there any pictures on the internet you could send a link of?

  8. yes there is one on flickr

    but the other picture is on my pc could i have your email address so i can send it to you.

  9. Now that ive found a few images it should be no problem to create, you should see it appear in a couple of weeks!


  10. thanks

  11. hi i found a picture of the back of the grayline coach

    grayline of bicesters Volvo B10M

    hope this can help.

  12. Thanks for that, we have all thats need to make it now!


  13. Could you do a Optare Solo SR in Arriva

  14. To Jack,

    Yes this is fine, I take it you mean the Fox County examples which are now in Malta?


  15. I Live in The East Midlands (Derby) They Have Optare Solo SR In Route 28 and 29

    The 28 Looks Like

    Mackworth 28
    via Slack Lane

    The 29 Looks Like

    Mackworth 29
    VIA Ashbourne Road


  16. To Jack,

    Oh ok thanks, this will be added to the liveries list.


  17. Ok Thank you!
    When will it be done?


  18. To Jack,

    Your welcome! It will be a while yet, possibly a couple of weeks, keep an eye on it on the liveries list as it gets closer to the top on the right hand side of the BLOG.


  19. YAY! Thanks!

  20. What Font do you Use for The Bus Signs?
    And How do you make the liverys?

  21. To Jack,

    Your welcome.


  22. To Jack,

    I use Tahoma, say about size 7, but most of the time I hand draw the displays with line tools etc from a photo. I have blank nets made by Peter Fray of PWF Paperbuses and then edit them in paint using a variety of tools avaiable, with 3 years of expreince i’m quite used to it!


  23. Ok Thanks!
    I’m Trying to Make My Own Paperbus But I Have Not got a lot of expreince!


  24. To Jack,

    Your very welcome, it takes time, but practice makes perfect!


  25. I Know!!!


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