Posted by: SB Websites | July 8, 2011

Leven Valley Livery

Leven Valley are an independent operator in Teeside with many routes and a standard type of Enviro 200 Dart’s and 1 ADL MPD. Below is their simplistic but attractive standard livery.



  1. can you do the Leven Valley livery on a pnmpd_dsdartslf_5



  2. Hi Dan,
    Yes this can be done and has been put into the lieries coming soon list.


  3. to kieron, can you do a stagecoach western SN56AYG

  4. To Jimmi,

    As said before, requests are not being taken.


  5. OK, when will they be takern again?

  6. To Jim,

    The nets being created depend on the amount of free time I have, this varies from days, weeks to months. Just be patient. The Christmas holidays are coming soon so hopefully alot of nets will be created then.


  7. ok but can you do this but merry christmas livery

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