Posted by: SB Websites | July 4, 2011

04/07/11 SS&S News Update

Dennis Trident / Transbus ALX400 LG02 FDO has begun service after refurbishment for services E1/E2/E6 and is numbered 403. Which means Alexander Olympian 285 K715 ASC is now reserve. Which now means that Olympian H220 LOM has been withdrawn. R570 RPY has also been withdrawn due to ongoing problems and Palatine Olympian M302 DRG has been bought to replace it. Dart R156VLA is now in the now in the standard livery.





  1. plase do 4825 92 go to team vally plase do it real

  2. To Sam

    Yes this can be done and will be added to the liveries list.


  3. plase do the team valley cipper plase

  4. Hi, I was just wondering if I could use LG02 FDO & FDX on my website, Firstbusphotos? I would say they were Peter Fray nets. They would also be in a different livery, Wessex Red.

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