Posted by: SB Websites | June 29, 2011

GNE Whey Aye Five O

Finally after a long time creating the Whey Aye Five O is here. Service 50 originally operated as the X50 using 55 reg Scania L94UA / Wright Solar’s which wore the house colours and in a branding for X20/X50. After the major rebranding scheme these were moved to service 20 and were branded Prince Bishops which led the 50 to use any unbranded vehicles at Chester-le-Street depot such as Plaxton Prestige’s, ELC Lolyne’s or SPD’s and it stayed this way until earlier in this year when the fabfiftyseven service 57 was to get Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s from Oxford, which were dual door and a rebrand came to it as seen here. So the existing Wright Solar’s moved to the 50 service and branded Whey Aye Five O as inspired from the TV Hit “Hawaii Five O” with a strong tropical theme. The 50 operates with 6 of these branded Solar’s at a frequency of every 30 mins  connecting Durham and Chester-le-Street with the coastal town of South Shields which suits the brand. Below is 4926 Y926 ERG in the livery.



  1. cool

  2. Brilliant and fanstatic.

    Any chance of doing the Drifter Cadets and Washington Street Shuttle MPDs please?

  3. To Tony,

    These will be created and have been added to the list.


  4. Excillent… Must Have Took Some Hard Work!!!!

  5. To Thomas,

    Thanks, it certainly has taken some!


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