Posted by: SB Websites | June 20, 2011

20/06/11 DMS News Update

Firstly, Service X45 has been withdrawn so MCV’s AE54 WVW/X/Y moving to the Single Decker part of the allocation which can be seen at the top of the page. Scania OmniLinks NK60 UPC/D have been withdrawn due to their disgraceful reliability and are being sold, ALX400 LG02 FDO has finished its trial and shows that service X2 does not need to be increased to Double Decker operation so this has been placed back into storage. So service X2 is now operated by Commander 202 and SPD’s 269 and 270 and Omnicity NK05 GWZ. Also Plaxton Centro YJ58 GJJ has returned back to Plaxton after a six-Month loan. Also 3 New Optare Versa’s have been ordered for new Durham City services 53 and 54. Below are MCV’s AE54 WVX and AE54 WVY with their X45 branding removed.



  1. any Scania OmniCity Decker in plain white

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