Posted by: SB Websites | June 13, 2011

GNE (National Express) Caeteno Levante

Here is a Standard Caeteno Levante owned by Go North East and operated by National Express in the standard livery with it being 7096 FJ08 KLU.



  1. very good

  2. Very nice job Keiron

  3. I was oing to eave a request for a livery to be done but then I saw the backlog so I might leave it for a while…

  4. To Paul,

    Hahahah, thanks :).


  5. To George,

    Thanks for that 😀


  6. To Alexf380,

    The requests only go up to number 11 so I can slot your request in there if you would like if you let me know what it is? Also I like your new WordPress BLOG and thanks very much for adding my website onto it too, I will also add one on my site, just one thing though, you spelt Coaches wrong on your title of your BLOG.


  7. Ok, Thanks Kieron.

  8. Thanks, any chance of putting it on? 🙂

  9. Hi Thomas,

    Which net are you talking about?


  10. Sorry I was tired I didn’t even say what net!!!! The W179 SCU with 1 Newcastle and Kibblesworth on the blind

  11. To Thomas,

    Its’s fine, this will be added to the request list.


  12. Finally getting rounfd to placing my request.
    Can you do an Arriva North East Merc O405 – Optare Prisma bodywork?

  13. To Alex,

    Yes this can be done and has been added to the list as promised.


  14. Thanks Keiron!
    ByTheWay, do you know if Peter fray is still taking requests for custom paperbuses?

  15. To Alex,

    I’m not sure for custom paperbuses but u can always ask for blank paperbuses from him, just ask him if he does.


  16. any national express west midlands?

  17. To Jason,

    At the moment there are no National Express West Midlands nets up on the blog or being planned to be created.


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